The Consciousness of AfroPop Radio

Needless to say, 2020 has been an exceptionally insane year. Pandemic. Civil unrest, police murders of unarmed black civilians, uncertain leadership all across the board, this has been a real adventure. As we navigate this unprecedented time, we hope you and your family are safe, keeping as balanced as possible in this day and time.

As we consider the global movements in support of social justice, we contemplate the role of music as soundtrack for the consciousness of the people. Freedom Songs, Voices of liberation. Songs directly addressing the issues facing our communities. Our towns, our villages. The universal voice is clear and present: WE WANT TO BE FREE AND EQUITABLE! We reject the consequences of colonization. We push away from the table of brutalization and systemic racism.

Our latest offering of AfroPop Radio contains a few songs that are so apropo in such a time as this. Of note is the soulful afro-house jam called: We Are One. This is a fantastic record that will get your head bobbin with it’s hard beats and soulfully jazzy cadence. It is performed by twon outstanding icons of popular African Music ; DJ Black Coffee featuring Hugh Masekela. Black Coffee is a South African DJ who is a star among stars, touring the world and performing/mixing in front of tens of thousands. He is a global superstar.

The Late, Legendary Hugh Masekela

Black Coffee has really put South Africa on the map in terms of house mixers and has worked with an A-list of international artists – this is the norm for Black Coffee. He recently played at one of Jay-Z and Beyone’s parties and he hangs out with Sean “P-Diddy” Combs regularly. He has been spotted hagning out with Alicia Keys, Swizzeats and NAS. Black Coffee is a star.

The late legend Hugh Masekela is a hall of fame trumpeter, flugelhornist, cornetist, vocalist and composer. His discography is deep. He is known for the global classic Grazin in the Grass, Soweto Blues and many many more. Bra Hugh’s music has spoken directly to liberation for generations.

Thus it is refreshing to hear these two cultural icons collaborate and enecourage Africa to wake up! The time is now…. Throughout history music has bee the spice of inspriation for many in the Struggle. We can see evidence across the globe that while many things have changed and imporved in the diaspora, the mor things have stayed the same. The struggle continues. And so we are proud to share this generational bridge linking the legacies of apartheid breaking consciousness to the current voices demanding freedom and equality through rhythm and song.

We are One……


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