Angelique and Burna: Honor and Dedication

I know, this post is late, but hey, we were reeling in shock about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash just north of Los Angeles California. The news took the breath out of me as it did many across the diaspora. The news took the wind out of what was a contentious and controversial Grammy Week. And so we are stepping out to share light on a story that took place during Music’s Biggest Night.

We are an affirming witness as contemporary African Music explodes in popularity across the globe. And AfroPop Radio is happy to share these incredible sounds with the world. So we watched with a keen eye as the Grammy Award for Best World Music Album was presented. Burna Boy has been 2019’s biggest story, selling millions while taking on a wildly successful world tour. He was a definite favorite to walk away with the Grammy for Best World Album. But not so fast, because the Recording Academy voted to bless (once again) the legend from Benin, Ms. Angelique Kidjo with the honor for her tremendous Album “Celia” which was a heartfelt and extraordinary tribute to Afro-Cuban legend Celia Cruz. There was an audible gasp when Ms. Kidjo was announced. The definite expectation was that Burna Boy would win.

Ms. Kidjo took the stage and immediately began to tell the audience that she told them and predicted that today’s youth of Africa was turning the music world upside down, virtually changing the way African music was being perceived across the world. She then dedicated her Grammy Award to Burna Boy. wow!! What class!!! Now, make no mistake, Angelique Kidjo is a legend. She deserves all the praise and honor due. She is the bomb! Her album is the bomb. She deserves the Grammy. And perhaps so did Burna. But she in her wisdom. In her way, acknowledged the essence of Afrobeats. Of AfroPop, It was, indeed incredible! check it out below: